Level 4 / REDKEN Certified Colorist

I love my craft. My career is full of variety, creativity and change on a daily basis.  Styles appear and last for years while others disappear almost as quickly as they came. Keeping an eye on these trends is key to being able to respond to our client’s requests about their own style.  I often balance their ideas with my experience to create a look that is personalized and unique to them.

Along with attending industry events and educational seminars, participating in our own in-studio education program, and daily experience, you almost develop a sixth sense about what styles will and won’t work for the client.

Becoming a *REDKEN Certified Colorist* has taught me a blend of skillful techniques and product knowledge.  To be able to advise the client about how a colour will match their existing style; as well as, new possibilities for their look are just some of these tools I use on a daily basis.

Honestly, communication and teamwork are the building blocks I use to develop such strong and lasting relationships with my clients, ensuring they feel and look incredible today and tomorrow.