Hair Stylist

“My client’s first look in the mirror is the best moment in my day!”

It’s an exciting time to be a hair and colour professional. I spend allot of time researching my craft. Social media streaming throughout our lives lets people share ideas and creativity everywhere. The best (and worst) of the beauty and fashion industry is at your fingertips every moment so inspiration abounds!  New looks, products, technology and tools are all there to review and see what’s next.  I also attend classes and Fashion Week events to see what’s going on out on the street. Sharing in the studio and participating in our own education program also helps keep me inspired and build my capabilities.

All that said, the most important reality and the amazing challenge I deal with on a daily basis is to focus my skills on making my clients look great, feel great, and leave our studio satisfied. My goal is to ensure that my client’s smile in the mirror is the best moment in my day!